Password Synchronization with Active Directory

Steps to link Existing domain with ADSelfService Plus

Important : Install the Password Sync Agent to synchronize native password changes and resets.
  1. Log into ADSelfService Plus admin console with admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Configuration → Self-Service → Password Sync/ Single Sign On.
  3. Select the Active Directory application.
    Note: You can also find Active Directory application that you need from the search bar located in the left pane or the alphabet wise navigation option in the right pane.
  4. Enter the Application Name and Description.
  5. Select the Domain name to which password to be synced.
  6. Select the Policies from policies drop-down box. Password Synchronization will be possible for only those users who fall under the selected self-service policies.
  7. Click Add Application.


For domain name, select the domain to which the passwords need to be synced. For example, if you want to sync passwords from Domain A to Domain B, then select Domain B in the Domain Name field and select a self-service policy associated with Domain A in the Associate Policies drop down list.

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